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On the road to redifine.

Designers play a thousand roles, they say. And I agree. I am a visual communication design (VCD) master student at Aalto University in Helsinki, Finland. I got my graphic design bachelor's degree from University of Lapland with minor studies in photography, animation and multimedia, and I am no stranger to illustration, motion graphics, custom lettering or webdesign and front-end developing either. My goal is to create a practise where I can merge open communication with experimentation while staying constantly curious and forever learning.

My journey so far

In the making: MA thesis on information design | Aalto University

Research assistant | Aalto University

Teaching assistant | Aalto University

Student team lead | Visualising Knowledge Conference

Exchange studies | Tomas Bata University in Zlín

BA in Graphic Design | University of Lapland

Elected member of the representative assembly | University of Lapland

Deputy member of Art student's association | University of Lapland