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not so easy

logo design for a music video

The objective for this comission was to create a custom logotype for a music video Not so Easy performed by Alena Nikolaeva and directed by Arthur An. The logo mark features a hand-drawn type surrounded by animated flower details circling the type; the letterforms themselves feature a mix of gothic and modern feel. This logo is crafted together with designer Dan Filatov.

Screenshot from the music video
Logo design progress picture
Logo design linedrawing picture
Final logo design
Letter block 1
Letter block 2
Letter block 3

Watch the full video here:

Directed by Arthur An
DOP: Ava Dotsenko
Executive producer: Rada Sokolova
Second director: Anton Rakhimov
Technical director: Sasha Bunch
Junior producer: Lera Kozelkova
Decorators: Olga Kharkova, Alina Novikova
Muah: Alina Orlova
Assistants: Timothy Nikitin Sheen, Nikita Nikitin-Shin
Backstage: Artem Shevchenko
Designers: Dan Filatov, Stella Keppo